We treat each other with exceeding courtesy

the bats flew out of our hair long ago


...and if i'm not sure i believe there will be a seventh generation? how do i make decisions then?

it's a little like gravity, too ... like people are stars, and it changes the actual shape of space
relativistic gravity, i mean.
(says jes)


please. I am not asking you to do without the force that through the green fuse drives the flower, here. find paradox, reinterpret.
(says jenn)



"Living in sensual engagement with the world"
"The places in which we might dwell with competent affection"
"Convivial government"
"Whenever desire climbs a tree, internal repercussions trip it up and it falls to its death; the rhizome, on the other hand, acts on desire by external, productive outgrows."
"that machines are meant to be useful, that work is a productive activity, that politics aims at the common weal, and in general that something can be done."
..."We can go this far,
this is ours, to touch one another this lightly; the gods
can press down harder upon us. But that is the gods' affair."
"reforming the built environment is the moonshot of our time" (*)

(more phrases will go in commonplacing as i find them)