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(wackyanimal, if you're reading this, no showing it to Terry. He doesn't knit, does he?)
(Same goes for you, tralfazz and mtmum.)

(and if you don't knit, you can just skip right over it.)
guitar neck
So when i heard that my sister and her fiancé (a Texan) were moving to MA in deepest December, i knew that that guy would have to have a good scarf. And this, in turn, gave me an excuse to pick up some gorgeous alpaca.

I futzed around with cables and things, really wanting to make something that was reversible (because who wants to worry about whether one's scarf is on inside out?). I ended up with something that was reversible, not really cabled, drape-y, lofty (to hold in warm air), and deceptively simple. Slipping the last stitch on each row makes the edges neater and makes the instructions look more complicated than they really are.

Goes a little something like this:
Cast on a multiple of 5 stitches. I did (and this pattern assumes) 60.
  1. (k3, p2)x11, k3, p, slip
  2. (k, yo, k, sl-p2-psso)x11, k, yo, k, sl-p-sl-psso
  3. (k2, p3)x11, k2, p2, sl
  4. (sl-k2-psso, p, yo, p)x11, sl-k2-psso, p, yo, slip
That's it. Repeat rows 1 - 4 until you are happy with the length. Bind off.

What you should get is basically ribbing that opens and closes around those yos: the slipped stitches pull it back in and create horizontality. On rows 1 and 3, you'll be just knitting the knits and purling the purls. On rows 2 and 4, you're putting yos in the ribs that have 2 stitches and doing the psso maneuver on the ones that have 3. Easy! Good for bus or train rides where you don't want to juggle knitting, yarn, and pattern.

Alternate name courtesy of tornadogrrrl
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